CLASS DESCRIPTION - Clubbercise & Zumba Classes with Eileen - Stradbroke, Debenham, Laxfield, Huntingfield, Pulham Saint Mary, Roydon and Framlingham Suffolk


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What happens in a Clubbercise class?
Who can resist dancing in a club themed environment with disco lights and hand held glow sticks in the dark? Welcome to the world of Clubbercise. Each charged up fitness session starts with a catchy popular warm up then continues to deliver with club anthems and dance moves from the 70s to present day, ending with a cool down to bring the heart rate back down to “normal”.  The dance and “keep fit” movements are easy to learn and can be interpreted by you, to fit your personal style!

What are the benefits of Clubbercise classes?
> You get to workout to your favourite tracks without a hangover the next day!
> Working out in the dark with disco lights and lasers means you can really let go
> Using our glow sticks gives your arms a good work out
> You'll burn around 600 calories in an hour
> You'll tone your muscles
> You'll de-stress and enjoy an endorphin buzz

Do I need to be a good dancer?
Definitely not, our routines combine dance, toning and combat moves, we deliberately make them easy-to-follow so you can relax and enjoy it rather than worrying about getting the steps wrong.

What should I wear/bring?
No heels - just trainers/sneakers and sportswear/fitness clothing… Neon is optional, and make sure you bring some water.


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bringing people together
Perfect For
For everybody, each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it out.

How It Works
Zumba Fitness is a fun, energetic and easy way to burn calories and tone the body.  It’s dance fitness that incorporates Latin, pop and international music and dance movements creating a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating and effective fitness system, which dancers or non-dancers can easily learn.  Each session includes warm up, main Zumba component, and cool down.

A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesomeness each time you leave the class.

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ZUMBA gold
It's time to live golden
Perfect For
For active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.

How It Works
Zumba Gold is a lower impact form of Zumba. The session length is the same, as well as the music. This type of Zumba has adaptations for those who want or need to avoid impact, sudden twisting, turning, or jumping. Choreographed routines are broken down and fully explained in greater detail. More frequent breaks are given, mindful of dehydration and varying energy levels. This class is ideal for young mothers who have just given birth, those individuals who have never attended a fitness class, or for persons 55 years of age and over.

Class focuses on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance!

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moving, grooving and feeling great.

Perfect For
Zumba®  Gold Seated class is designed for seniors, beginners or others needing modifications in their exercise routine that takes the pressure off the legs. Everyone is welcome.

How It Works
This 30 minute “seated” version of Zumba is ideal for those individuals who cannot stand for any period of time due to balance/ mobility issues, Parkinson’s Disease or dementia. Participants can easily exercise their muscles and strengthen their body to choreographed Latin and pop songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s to movements which are repetitive, easy, and joint-mindful, whilst seated in a chair.  

The movements are structured to strengthen the bones and joints, which help restore or improve range of motion. That, in turn, will help with posture, which can help make everyday activities easier to do.

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(Oriental Belly Dance)
Want to discover your inner Goddess?
A 30 minute online Middle Eastern Belly dance class which concentrates on both arm and waistline slimming movements with Middle Eastern music and dance steps. This medium/low impact class will help with posture, weight shifting, body movement isolation, and timing. You’ll discover muscles you never knew existed! This includes warm up, dance component and cool down. The main dance component may include hip drops, figure eights, shimmys, chest and belly work.
A private session is also available at £25 per hour.

Toning with Weights - Online
A medium/high impact fitness class with popular dance music. This class tones every part of the body utilizing everyday items in the home!  Those items include a kitchen chair (for push ups, dips and leg extensions), a broom (for using as a bar bell) with plastic bags (filled with tins of soup)which are then attached to the broom. Light hand-held weights are also used in this class, but filled plastic water bottles can be used instead.
Stretching - Online
A low impact class which incorporates Yoga moves to increase the maximization of body flexibility. A fitness mat and/or exercise band and chair is used to stretch muscles easing joint stiffness. The flowing moves target 6 major muscle groups. Each class starts with a warm up, progresses to one or two targeted muscle groups and is followed by a cool down.
Core Blast - Online
30 minute class which includes standing cardio warm up and toning exercises with the progression to the floor with mat exercises targeting the abdominal area (with some utilising a fitness ball) and concluding with a cool down.
Bums Tums Core - Online/In Person
45 minute class which targets the glutes, both upper and lower abdominal muscles and legs. It includes standing cardio warm up and toning exercises with the progression to the floor on an exercise mat. This class utilises light hand-weights for additional toning benefits.
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